Oscar Hernandez Soriano was born in Cuba 1944 where he spent his first years.
But at the age of 11 the family moved to Spain since his mother was Spanish.

He studied 5 years at the Academy of Art in Madrid and then moved to
Sweden where he continued his studies at Konstakademien (the Academy of Art) in Stockholm.

He settled down in Stockholm but spent a few months every year in Spain.

He participated in many individual and collective exhibitions in Sweden,
Spain and some other countries. He is also represented in many different places in Sweden.

Oscar Hernandez Soriano was an artist of the old school. An important part in his intensive creating process was the preparation of his canvases and often of his paints with different pigments.

He painted often with thick layers of paints, often in brilliant orange and yellow
cadmium and cobalt blue tones, which make the colors vibrate.

In Oscar Hernandez Soriano art production are the following recurring themes : woman/women, loving couples, the meeting between man and woman, the lonely man, groups of people.

Apart from figurative paintings Oscar Hernandez Soriano has painted landscapes from Spain and Sweden, especially from Stockholm, as well as still lifes.

There are artistic talents in his family : his brother Emilio is a well known theatre
director in Spain and his youngest sister toured around the world in a flamenco troupe before her marriage.

At his death in August 2007 Oscar Hernandez Soriano left behind a great number of paintings and drawings which cover his whole artistic production between 1960 and 2007.

You can view the remaining paintings in the webside in the ”Complete collection”.  The size of the paintings are in cm.  They are all for sale.


1965-70          High School of Arts San Fernando in Madrid, Spain

1975-80          High School of Arts in Stockholm, Sweden (painting and sculpture)

1982-1995      Courses in graphic art, lithography and enamel.



1975-1976         Saving Bank of Segovia, Spain,IKC, Stockholm, Gallery Gaston, Zaragoza, Spain

1978-1984         Gallery Modigliani, Madrid, Gallery Händer, Stockholm,Gallery Svea, Stockholm

1985-1986         Cafe Mejan, Stockholm, Trappan, Vällinby

1987-1988         Cultural Center of Fernando de los Rios, Madrid, Gallery Orfila, Madrid

1989-1990         County Gallery of Botkyrka, Stockholm, Galleri Bergman, Stockholm, The Art Association of Hagersta

1993-1997          Gallery Hera, Stockholm, County Gallery of Viksjö, Gallery H, Stockholm

1997                 Anaes Athenas, Madrid, The Museum of Music, Stockholm

1998                     Gallery Jose Marti, Stockholm, Gallery Mocca, Gothemburg, Sweden

1999                     Gallery Imago Gran Teatre de la Habana, Cuba, Galeria Espacio 52, Cuba.

2000                    Gallery Jan Linder, Stockholm, Phototeca, Gran Teatro de la Habana, Cuba

2000                    Gallery Suomi, Stockholm

2002                    Gallery Suomi, Stockholm

2004                     Galleri Tersaeus, Stockholm

2004                     Bateau Daphné, Paris

2004                     Gallery Mäster Olof, Stockholm

2006                     Kallhäll´s old school

2006                     Sala Aires, Cordoba, Spain

2007                     Gallery Paname,  Stockholm

2007                     Väsby Konsthall, Upplands Väsby  –  Edsviks Konsthall, Sollentuna (memorial exhibitions)

2008                     Ekebyhovs slott, Ekerö  (memorial exhibition)

2010                      Nordens ljus, Stockholm




1960-1970          Cultura Hispanica, Madrid, The Saving Bank of Oviedo, Spain, The Foundation of R. Acosta, Granada, Spain

1974                      Gallery Vandres, Madrid          , Gallery Antonio Machado, Madrid

197475               Gallery Mejan, Stockholm, Gallery De Unga, Stockholm

1986-1991           The County Gallery of Södertälje, The Biennal Art Show in Valparaiso, Chile

1992-1993          The Art Association of Södertälje, Gallery Club 24, Madrid

1994-1995          Gallery Hera, Stockholm, Spring exposition in Liljevachs, Centro Procultural, El Salvador, Centro Cultural                                           Managua, Nicaragua, Galleri MEM, El Salvador, Universidad Tecnologica, El Salvador

1996-1998         Gallery Nord, Örebro, Spring Exhibition in Liljevachs, Galleri José Martí, Stockholm

1998                    Galleri Mocca, Göteborg, Caja Postal, Aranjuez, Spain, Gallery Belanger, Stockholm, Casa de Vacas (Retiro),                                       Madrid, Art Gallery, Väsby

1999                    Art Gallery, Väsby, Art Gallery, The Castle of Kalmar, Sweden

2000-2001       Bienal Buenos Aires, Argentina, Art Gallery, Väsby, Art Gallery, Trelleborg

2001                   Bryggeriet – Arty gallery,Trelleborg


Represented in

About 12 to 15 different official and private organisations in Sweden.

The Art Museum of Pärnu, Estonia

Award: by the Town Hall of Stockholm for a painting on the city of Stockholm in 1996.